Part personal finance. Part geek culture. All Awkward.


Nickel Nerds is a podcast and online community about money management for the decidedly uncool. We discuss money taboos, work/game balance and navigating both finances and nerdy pursuits. We find ourselves to be quite clever and funny.

Who are the Nickel Nerds?


The Nickel Nerds is hosted by brother and sister team, Rick and Stephanie.

I'm Stephanie. I worked my way up in corporate America and currently manage a small department for a major company. I've learned a lot about fiscal responsibility and yearn to bore entertain you with what I know so far.

Rick is my brother. He's way into Magic, anime and video games. Where I have been very career-driven, Rick is still figuring things out. He's built a life that allows him to pursue his passions. He was a nerd before it was cool. And... nope, still not cool.

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